Eye Institute at Seaboard Station

Artwork up at the Eye Institute at Seaboard Station.

An artist statement from Paula Montgomery:

Lively, effervescent color rhythmically pulsates through the paintings of
American artist Paula Montgomery. Beginning each composition with a particular
hue or design, Montgomery then lets her materials and concept guide her process
as she produces exquisite, textured canvases. Primarily focusing on flora as a
subject, Montgomery passionately transforms everyday flowers into painterly
visual poems. Utilizing either a lithe, expressionistic brushstroke or a purposeful
palette knife, the artist boldly applies paints with a poetic flourish.

Unwilling to limit herself to traditional materials alone, Montgomery embraces mixed media techniques and materials in order to accumulate the abstract quality of her works. Thus the paintings hover gracefully between abstraction and representation. Elegant and independent, these paintings exude a sense of peace and joy. “If my work can bring a moment of happiness to the viewer, then I feel I’ve accomplished something worthwhile,” Montgomery explains. “I am always looking for that inner expression to make its presence felt in my work.” Paula Montgomery lives and works in Pinehurst, North Carolina.

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